Tnt ice 30ml: The ABCs of E-Liquid and E-Cigarettes Revealed

E-juice is available in a variety of flavors. It’s like ice cream for smokers of vaporizers or e-cigarettes. Even real cigarettes are limited to menthol and non-menthol flavors (both of which taste like burnt tobacco regardless of the hint of mint). You can get vape flavors like Bavarian cream, guava, lemon, orange, mocha, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, premium menthol, and tobacco. The cheap e-liquid also comes in dessert or cake flavors like strawberry shortcake, cappuccino, cookies and cream, lemonade, lime, green tea, pineapple, mint, apple, and so forth. If you’ve tasted or eaten it, then it’s more than likely you’ve partaken in an e-juice flavor. Or rather, if it exists, then it’s likely an e-juice flavor. This is seemingly the direction of where e-juice flavors are going.


All the Flavors Under the Sun


  • It’s no longer enough for vapers to replicate the smoking experience with standard tobacco or premium menthol flavors. They want vaping to be extra special and different from tobacco cigarette smoking in more ways than one, and not just because of the lack of tobacco and carcinogens that could cause cancer down the line. They want (and can afford to have) a change of pace whenever they want. It’s like how they’ve marketed ice cream.

  • Instead of sticking to basic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, ice cream manufacturers made various flavors so that people are always interested in buying ice cream even when it’s not hot outside or even when it’s not summer. They have special holiday or seasonal flavors as well as limited edition flavors that keep consumers interested like tnt ice 30ml. Even if they don’t like one type of flavor, they can always go with another flavor since there are hundreds of thousands of flavors to choose from.


  • The same marketing strategy with ice cream is currently being employed with vapes and vaping. E-juice providers themselves are offering ice cream flavors, cake flavors, fruity flavors, and aromatherapy scents into the mix of e-juice variants, plus they also have a new set of flavors and scents to choose from every season or every holiday as well. It’s a commonsensical business decision that keeps things fresh for the vaping community every time. No one is going to get tired of the same vanilla flavor because you aren’t limited to vanilla.